Tulip detail

Plants and flowers


Easter has been full of social activities at our house which was absolutely wonderful. However, as an introvert, I know that I need space and time to reconnect with nature. I only had a half hour or so free and a vase of tulips caught my eye Well, actually, they were in a teapot but anyway…

Having just upgraded my macro lens, I was itching to test it out. This old one was really sharp and this looks like a keeper too. Here’s a centre detail from the main shot.

-2396centre detail crop

I love macro photography as it reveals details and beauty that are otherwise easily missed. I restores a childlike wonder in me, and I reckon that’s no bad thing.

As for technique, well I attached the camera to a focusing rack on a tripod and set the lens to 1:1 magnification and manual focus. I then positioned the tulip and adjusted the composition and rough focusing with tripod head movements. Fine focus was with the focusing rack. Lighting was cloudy daylight from a window.

Technical details:

Exposure: ISO 200, F11, 2 seconds

Camera: Canon 6D

Lens: Canon 100mm macro

Accessories: Manfrotto tripod, Novoflex focusing rack


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