Sunset over Lundy Island

Landscapes, Seascapes



My utterly amazing wife knows that time alone in nature speaks to my soul and breathes life into me. So, with encouragement from the family, I booked a few days to myself and headed for the beauty of the North Devon coast.

With summer drifting into autumn I decided to take my chances with the weather which was forecast to bring strong cloud cover and flat light. I spent the first afternoon mooching around Lee Bay trying to make the most of the shadowless lighting by shooting beach details. Then, late in the afternoon, I moved across to Woolacombe just in case there was a break in the cloud cover.

About an hour before sunset there was beautiful light but then the sun sank into a bank of cloud. Most people had left the beach and I almost did the same but then I saw a hint of warmth just beginning to form on the horizon. The tide was fast incoming and with just a few minutes before sundown I had to reposition quickly to avoid a soggy end to the day. Then, as hoped, I was rewarded and the sun showed itself in the narrow band between the cloudbank and Lundy Island. A graduated filter helped to balance the sea with the rest of the image and a long exposure smoothed out the sea to give a slightly more ethereal look to the waves around the rocks.

It was a beautiful, peaceful and unexpected end to the day.


Technical details:

  • Camera: Canon 6D
  • Lens: 24-105 mm
  • Exposure: 30 seconds at f19. ISO 100
  • Filtration: Lee Filters 0.6 neutral density hard grad and 0.9 neutral density

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