A time for everything

Birds, Faith and spirituality

ImageIt’s been a while since I’ve posted on the blog so, having given myself a stiff talking to, it’s time to reform!

This autumn picture of a robin is nothing special photographically but for me represents a caught moment symbolic of this season of change.

Along with the new season, there are loads of significant changes in the priorities, pace and rhythm of life for my family right now. I was mulling these over in my head while my son and I cleared the veggie patch. The September sun still had enough strength to warm my back as I worked and I relished that simple pleasure. Then as I cleared away the tools this robin appeared just a few feet from me, presumably looking for easy pickings of insects and worms from the freshly dug soil. Interactions with local nature like this are common but I can miss them in the rush of life. A robin taking the chance of some easy food to help fatten up for winter just seemed so symbolic of the changing season. There’s a time for everything and everything has it’s time. Things change but within the change there are still so many simple and important constants in life. Life is so rich if only I can notice.

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