Snow on decaying poppy seed head

Faith and spirituality, Plants and flowers

IMG_8992This poppy grows outside our living room and I’ve been watching it’s gradual decay since the summer. It’s lost the more obvious beauty of it’s flower long ago. The seeds have fallen to the ground, ready to produce the next generation and at first glance the old seed head has no purpose. And yet, there’s still a gentle, dignified beauty to it’s skeletal remnant. This seemed all the greater this morning as it gently cupped the snow in it’s fragile frame.

It got me thinking about how everything has it’s seasons and stages of life and of how little time we have to use. Lesson one for me today was to appreciate the time I have, to see the value of each season of life and to ensure that I leave positive legacies where I can.

I then started mulling about how easily we can miss the moments of deeper elegance that can be found just beyond our normal perceptions of beauty.  It can be far too easy to dash from one thing to another rather than stop, wait, listen and watch more intently. Lesson two – take time to dwell and see the less seen.

The shot took five minutes and was technically simple – details below.

Technical details:
Camera: Canon EOS 5D
Lens: 100mm macro
Exposure: 1/10 sec, f11
ISO 400
Tripod, mirror lock

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