Bamburgh Castle from Harkness Rocks


IMG_8672-2Northumberland is fantastic for landscape photography and Bamburgh is a popular location for photographers.

On this particular evening the weather was changeable with prolonged rain showers interspersed with brief breaks in the clouds. Working with a friend, we took our chances and set up in the hope of some good light. Sunset was about 45 minutes away when we noticed the heavy cloud cover beginning to show some brighter areas.

I composed the scene and used hyper focal focussing to ensure reasonable sharpness throughout the image. A graduated neutral density filter balanced the sky with the sea and a neutral density filter over the whole frame lengthened the exposure enough to bring some blurring to the waves.

The sun broke through a small area of cloud above the castle for about two minutes. It wasn’t enough to throw direct light onto the castle but did bring a point of interest in the cloudscape to draw the eye to the castle area. I took three or four frames to get different wave effects and then chose the one I preferred.

After the event I converted the image to black and white using Adobe Lightroom.

Technical details:
Camera: Canon EOS 5D
Lens: Canon 24-105mm f4 L IS at 32mm
Exposure: 4 seconds, f22
ISO 50
Filters: 2 stop neutral density graduated and 4 stop neutral density.

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