2011-07-15_118_B&W_webHere’s one image from a recent wedding. The venue was a beautiful small hotel near Chichester. It’s not a shot of the couple but helps explain some of my thinking during a shoot.

Through the day I’m trying to build individual images but also to tell the story of the day through the whole set of shots. I’d already taken some colour shots of the cake earlier but returned as the reception commenced. I was visualising a black and white image with a hint of the occasion in the background.

The cake was in shade at the head of a line of tables with strong but diffused summer sunlight pouring in from behind. By moving my position to one side the cake was settled more pleasingly to the left third of the image. This also made the guests lead the eye through the image adding depth as long as I kept them relatively out of focus by using a wide aperture. If they had been sharper the composition would have just been cluttered. The diffused lighting, which was now to the side, cast some pleasant shadows to give texture to the cake. A final element was added by a waiter serving the guests which I hope adds to the context and story telling.

Technical details:
Camera: Canon EOS 5D
Lens: 24-105mm f4 L IS at 60mm
Exposure: 1/60 sec, f4
ISO: 400
No flash


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